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    Identity Solutions can help you find the best technology for securing and managing access to your enterprise systems.

    We help your organization scale and customize an identity and access management system that fits your needs for today and tomorrow. Then we continue to offer guidance and support as your systems, policies, and processes evolve over time.

    Identity & Access Management

    Your identity and access management (IAM) system is the big steel gate that works as part of a comprehensive security strategy to protect your organization from unauthorized intruders. Identity Solutions sets you up as the gatekeeper.

    A wide variety of users need access to your organization’s applications, data, and resources. Your IAM solution verifies that the person at the gate is who you think they are (authentication) and then only grants access to the resources that they require (authorization).

    At Identity Solutions, we work with you to establish and fully understand your enterprise IAM needs so we can set you up with the software solution that is right for you. Once we find the perfect match, we stick around to support you through the entire rollout and implementation process.

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    Identity Governance & Administration

    Identity governance and administration (IGA) is a crucial component in creating an effective business security strategy. IGA provides IT and the business visibility into who has access to what systems and applications while substantiating why they have access.

    Identity Solutions can help kick off IGA in your organization by implementing automated solutions that reduce business risk. From scheduling access reviews to creating policies and workflows that manage change requests, update entitlements, and resolve segregation of duty violations, the appropriate actions will be initiated when needed. No guesswork.

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    Privileged Access Management

    Granting access to company systems and applications is risky. To mitigate this risk effectively, enterprises need a privileged access management (PAM) solution to control how and if admins are authorized to administer company resources and monitor what they are doing once they’re in.

    It may sound a bit extreme, but consider this: A hacker can’t steal an admin’s password for elevated accounts if the admin doesn’t know what it is. PAM functionality, like password vaulting and credential injection, effectively removes password vulnerability from the table.

    Session recording and monitoring removes another weak spot by tracking every action taken by an admin while accessing the system. In the event data is accidentally deleted (or not-so-accidentally stolen), auditing is a snap because every move was documented.

    You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your company from both internal and external threats, and Identity Solutions can help you establish PAM capabilities to safeguard your systems from accidental and malicious security events. We can set you up with a PAM solution that provides the latest technologies for managing your admins’ privileged credentials, facilitating auditing and compliance, tracking and recording sessions, and managing security issues like privilege creep.

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    Icon_Complete security and identity solutions
    Complete Security and Identity Solutions
    We’re a one-stop shop for everything from security software selection to implementation and management—you get powerful protection custom-tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
    Icon_Unbiased, third-party recommendations and expertise
    Unbiased, Third-Party Recommendations and Expertise
    We are not trying to sell you a particular software. We want to match you with the software choice that is the best fit for you.
    Icon_Security and identity frameworks you can trust
    Security and Identity Frameworks You Can Trust
    We know security and identity software. You benefit from our expertise. If you have a software solution in place, we maximize its effectiveness for your organization’s unique needs.
    Icon_What to expect when partnering with Identity Solutions
    What to Expect When Partnering with Identity Solutions
    We work with each of our clients one-on-one to customize identity and security solutions, implement them in the way that works for your enterprise, and manage them with you as your needs evolve.
    Step 1 – Discover

    Step One


    Understanding our customers’ needs is the first step in every Identity Solutions relationship. We listen to your concerns, then we ask questions to get to the root of your problems and customize a solution that meets your scope, timeline, and budget goals.

    Step 2 – Design

    Step Two


    Centralizing data is key to full visibility into your systems. Identity Solutions can integrate your existing business systems with the latest automated security and identity management tools to create a powerful solution that is highly secure and exceeds compliance requirements.

    Step 3 – Deploy and Integrate

    Step Three


    Identity Solutions wants you to feel confident knowing that when we deploy, your business processes, security strategy, and identity management system are aligned. Rest assured that as your business changes, we’ll be there to scale and customize your solution to fit your new needs.

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