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    An Ounce of Prevention Is a Lot Less Expensive Than a Year of Damage Control

    It only takes one disgruntled or distracted admin to wreak havoc on your business system—and your reputation. Privileged access management (PAM) gives you control over how and when your IT admins (and the resources they leverage) can administrate the systems that they manage. PAM also provides complete monitoring and oversight capabilities, as well as an irrefutable audit trail. If a security event or accidental data loss incident occurs, you’ll know exactly where to look.

    Identity Solutions can help you find the right tool to take the guesswork out of managing admin privileges and establish cradle-to-grave auditing. We work closely with customers to assess how you are currently granting privileged access, then assist in choosing a solution that utilizes the latest PAM technology features like least-privilege permissions, session and change tracking, and the most secure authentication and authorization security practices.

    You Can’t Expose Your Credentials If You Don’t Know What They Are

    Passwords are a well-known security weakness, but new PAM technology is combating this vulnerability by taking passwords out of the hands of users, especially those users who require elevated permissions.

    Identity Solutions can help you implement the latest credential management tools, technology, and best practices you need to secure privileged user access, like password vaulting and secure credential injection.
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    With Great Privilege Comes Great Levels of Monitoring

    Once a privileged user gets past the PAM credential gatekeeper, the next level of security kicks in. Session monitoring and tracking tools ensure the user’s every action is documented. Intensive monitoring is crucial for detecting suspicious admin activities like creating bogus accounts or accessing resources they shouldn’t.

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    PAM Keeps Your Systems Audit-Ready, All the Time

    Compliance is king in many industries, and PAM technology is constantly evolving to ensure organizations stay on the right side of policies and regulations.

    PAM tools keep track of your admins’ privileged access activity, so if you’re ever faced with a data breach or other security event that requires auditing to prove compliance, you’ll have the session documentation within easy reach.

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    PAM Protects Your Most Valuable Resources

    Not every admin needs access to every system and application all the time. PAM technology helps businesses control who has access, when, and why by managing credentials, tracking and recording sessions, and implementing auditing and compliance best practices.

    Identity Solutions can help your organization develop a customized PAM strategy utilizing one of the market-leading privileged access management tools. Ensure only those users with the proper credentials and permissions can access designated resources, leaving a trackable auditing trail as added security and peace of mind.