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    Increasing Identity & Access Security and While Reducing Risk

    Identity governance and administration (IGA) systems help keep data and resources secure by providing IT, leadership, and the business visibility into who has access to what while substantiating why they have access.

    In essence, IGA takes identity and entitlement data and turns it into actionable information, allowing company leadership and corporate stakeholders to make informed security and compliance decisions while reducing risk. IGA improves audit performance and reduces operational cost by providing intelligence about what is going on within your environment and whether policy and workflow changes are needed.

    IGA Provides Centralized Visibility into Who Has Access and Why

    Ensuring only the right people have access to the right resources is a big job. Without centralized visibility, it’s easy to lose track of who has access to what, creating a broader attack surface and hard-to-detect security vulnerabilities. IGA technology automates key processes and regular access reviews to help you react quickly to access creep, lifecycle events, and entitlement updates, as well as policy violations, like segregation of duties.

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    IGA Gives Control Back to the Business

    While IT “owns” IGA functionality, the business decides who needs access to which systems and resources. IGA lets leadership and business decisions drive access requests and access reviews, leaving IT in charge of ensuring operational efficiencies and consistent results. This separation gives leadership the ability to strengthen internal controls and reduce business risk.

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    IGA Bulletproofs Compliance and Auditing

    IGA systems provide technological oversight to ensure your organization maintains compliance. Key compliance functionality you can expect from IGA includes:

    • Reviewing applications and technology for policy compliance
    • Automating processes for certification and audit tracking
    • Creating workflows to manage change requests
    • Entitlement updates
    • Segregation of duty notifications to ensure appropriate actions are initiated

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    How Identity Solutions Can Help You Create an Identity Governance & Administration Safety Net

    Your company’s data and systems are only as secure as the people who can access them. IGA adds an additional layer of security and risk mitigation by providing corporate leadership and stakeholders with holistic data about who has access and why. This data can then be used to drive business decisions.

    Identity Solutions can help you leverage IGA technology for increased visibility into who is accessing your applications and systems and how they received it. Businesses can then use this data to improve and update policies, in addition to creating trackable audit data that mitigates security risks and maintains compliance.