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    Who We Are

    Your organization is wading through a sea of access and identity management vendors, but the business security landscape is changing by the minute, and you’re no longer sure what your exact needs are. How do you know which option is the best fit? And once you’ve made a choice, how do you implement and manage your new systems and security policies? Sound familiar? You’re not alone; we hear it all the time. Solidarity.

    Identity Solutions has the experience needed to pilot your team to the identity and access management solution that’s right for you. Stick with us, we’ll get you where you need to go.

    Our Partners

    At Identity Solutions, we choose partners whose technology and expertise match our commitment to strategically expand security, identity management, and automated lifecycle management capabilities for our customers.

    Identity & Access Management

    Identity Solutions will help you define your overarching identity and access management needs, then match you with the software solution that best fits your unique requirements for access control, lifecycle management, and more.

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    Service Pillar 1

    Identity Governance & Administration

    Identity Solutions understands how critical identity governance and administration (IGA) is to understanding who has access to what (and why). We help you collect and analyze the identity data from all of your organization's business systems (both on-premise and in the cloud) and then present actionable information that helps leadership, IT, and the business make informed business and security decisions.

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    Service Pillar 2

    Privileged Access Management

    Identity Solutions ensures your data and resources are secure with technology that lets you control which systems and applications admins have elevated access to, and when. With tools like password vaulting, credential injection, and intensive session monitoring, every admin action is accounted for and ready for auditing.

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    Service Pillar 3

    How Can We Help?

    Maybe your staffing situation has significantly changed or you already have high attrition issues. Perhaps your organization needs to do more with less. You're dealing with turnover or compliance issues, or you've recently completed a merger or acquisition—whatever the reason, securing and monitoring access to your systems, applications, and data is top of mind. However, your budget insists you seek out the most value for your investment.

    Cybercrime is on the rise, so you need to be confident that the right people have access to the right business systems and data. How do you know which technology is best or how to adapt your current practices?

    “We’ve always done it this way” is no longer a defense for inadequate IT processes.

    Don’t put your revenue and reputation at risk. Depend on Identity Solutions to eliminate vulnerabilities, strengthen your security posture, and streamline your identity, access, and lifecycle management processes. Identity Solutions works within your budget to ensure your organization is secure, compliant, and efficient.

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    A Commitment to Securing the Keys to Your Enterprise Data

    Identity Solutions lives and breathes identity management—it’s right there in our name. We are an unbiased resource to direct you to the software solution that best fits your needs for improved security policies and streamlined business workflows. Our extensive industry experience and our commitment to widespread improvements in enterprise access and identity security mean we know every product we recommend inside and out. We’re proud to be your trusted partner and align you with the tools and expertise you need to guide you in implementation.

    We help you make informed decisions and set you up for success.

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